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Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) range in common pipe diameters from 48-93-in. (1,219-2,362 mm) and are suitable for standard pipe jacking applications. The Series II TBM has a sealing steering joint that allows for bidirectional, full articulation at the face of the bore. >>

The GBM 4800 Series Jacking Frames are able to install up to 48-in. (1,219 mm) OD pipe and can be supplemented with skids extensions for 8, 10 and 20-ft. (2.4, 3, 6 m) pipe lengths. >>

Akkerman offers small town values coupled with a global perspective for today's industry needs.

Since inception, Akkerman has grown with the evolution of our industry demands. We offer manned pipe jacking, microtunneling, guided boring and earth pressure balance systems to address each project’s pipe specifications, ground conditions and complexities.


Established in 1973, Akkerman develops, manufactures and supports quality pipe jacking and tunneling equipment that accurately installs a variety of underground infrastructure. We partner with contractors to explore project solutions for a wide range of geology, pipe diameters and lengths. Akkerman is driven for customer success.